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From the end of 2017 I wanted to find a way back into stronger colours. This began in the ‘Masque’ series. It continues with the new works which ‘recycle’ my tiny sketchbook drawings into prints, and include much larger works pigment printed onto canvas to include photo elements, often from my older works, further hand worked over with paints and varnishes.

Prints from 2017 and 2018 including the ‘Songs of the Earth’ series, Relief Sculptures 2017 (‘Eclogues’, smaller works sent to Japan exhibitions) & Reliefs, Sculptures and Prints 2015-16. The ground is literally becoming my canvas...

The series of ‘Songs of the Earth - Masques’ explores the vision of an underworld of chthonic forces masked behind elaborate metal ‘faces’ composited from metal drain covers I photographed on my recent travels in Japan, Poland, Italy and the UK. The frightening face of what we repress! - “Guardians of the Underworld”

Two new series: “Lost Cities” is a reflection on my past gliding among the determined architects of this world. The passage of time and usually the crazier ideas about how to restrict and control your fellow man thankfully slide into oblivion. Just in case though, I revisit some of them - viewed from the perspective of the ubiquitous drain or manhole cover; “Subjective Correlatives” came from an attempt to simplify the envisioning of the trope about the figurative and the abstract, seen here as more like a swatch board of sampled colours.

The recent works in the ‘Cover Stories’ (Histoires de Couverture) series again engages with masking but this time reflecting on those layers beneath your feet hidden by time in an archaeological frame of mind yet mixed with the use of decorative covers for books (masking!). This is, to me, a form of ‘écriture automatique’, done by Nature.